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  Trebling Tracks - original set dance tunes from Michael Fitzpatrick

Trebling Tracks

Trebling Tracks features all original tunes composed by Michael, with arrangements suited for all occasions.... from easy listening, to dance class rehearsals, dance recitals, and even big dance-out events. Some tracks feature broadly scored orchestrations, yet others highlight the beauty of just a simple accordion solo with piano accompaniment. Find out more about this release... includes details on select tracks available at Mainland European Speeds.

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  Irish Set Dances - Anthology

Irish Set Dances: Anthology

The complete collection of Contemporary and Traditional Set Dances as approved by An Coimisiún as well as other Irish Dancing organizations that have some additional set dances on their approved lists. All of these Set Dances have all been freshly recorded with new arrangements and full orchestrations, and are ideal for Dance Outs, Dance Class, or for just your own Dance rehearsals. (production credits)

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The Official List III - Planxty
Planxty Hugh O'Donnell and the Traditional Set Dances - The Official List III
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the Whispering Door - Irish dancing tunes
The Whispering Door
A 2 CD collection of traditional and original Irish dancing tunes.
The Official List - 30 tunes for competitive step dancing
30 Irish Step Dances
The Official List CD
The Official List I
The 8 "new" step dances
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